ITC DIA 2023 Barcalona

The world’s leading insurance conference took place in Barcelona this year for its biggest event yet. 

We were honored to be involved as technical producers. 

Thanks to the amazing team at ITC DIA for this opportunity.         


        Some numbers:

  • 9 truck loads of AV equipment
  • 120 TV screens
  • 3 big LED screens
  • 40 audio enclosures
  • 180 rigging points
  • 1.5km trussing
  • 500 Led fixtures

Conference Paris

Stage design | Set design | Light design | Audio design| Technical production


Material supply by the Rental group

The flagship event of NATO

Technical production | Stage design | Light design | audio design | Narrowcasting design | Project management


Commissioned by PRG

Project management for world’s largest techno festival.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

AV Consultancy | Project management

The Fashionweek

Technical production | Design

Outdoor concert

Design | Technical production

Design RTM Stage Ahoy

In cooperation with Jeroen ten Brinke

We were responsible for the designs and Council services for the Adamson audio system, Light design, Theatre curtains, narrowcasting and rigging items. 
The high-end audio system of Adamson was one of the most interesting projects. Hanging on electric-controlled travellers this audio system can be easily moved in the room to different settings.
Giving Ahoy a very flexible system. This spares the cost for the crew to change the system when needed but also spares in change over time from a concert setting to a conference setting.